Exquisite Silver Antique Rosary Box with Mother of Pearl Rosary

Exquisite Silver Antique Rosary Box with Mother of Pearl Rosary

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Exquisite Silver Antique Rosary Box with Mother of Pearl Beaded Rosary - Embossed Rosary Box - Carved Mother of Pearl French c.1890 - R3/49R


This pocket-sized antique Catholic French Rosary Bead Box (with Mother of Pearl Rosary) is delicately crafted from French silver metal that originally was gilt finished around the edges. The box is styled as a book, with the embossed image of Jesus Christ on the front cover, praying with a young person before an alter topped with a chalice; the young person has their hands clasped in prayer and the left hand of Christ points to His chest, where a medallion-shape may represent the Sacred Heart.  The embossing above and below this image is beautifully ornate, with a Sacred Heart as the central image below Christ. On the back cover there is an oval cartouche, with the letters I H S depicted on a cross with swirling decorations and beading around the decorated sections. The spine of the 'book' is marked in sections with light decorative embossing on four of the sections. The 'leaves' of the book show where the remains of the gilt metal have not been quite worn away. The book front cover is attached with a piano-style of hinge so it is very secure and there is a catch on the inside of the box that clips it in place. Inside, the box is lined with a royal blue paper with a velvet type of finish; this has a little water staining at the top right hand corner. We are unsure if this is the original lining. 

Within the box lies the Rosary with a Mother of Pearl crucifix and sweet Mother of Pearl beads in a rice-grain shape. The gilt crucifix which is 1.5" high is finely crafted and has a tiny silver Corpus Christi held on by silver pins that go through to the back. Where the single strand of beads splits for form a continuous ring of beads, there is a small carved heart of Mother of Pearl. The chain links between the beads would benefit from a gentle cleaning; but this rosary of over 130 years in age; it is in perfect Antique Condition and the natural beads softly reflect the light exactly as they would have done when they were made.

The box measures 6.5cm / 2.5" high, 4.5cm / just under 2" wide, by 1.25cm / 1/2" deep. The weight including the rosary beads and without packaging is just 51 grammes.

Your purchase will be very carefully packaged with recycled materials where possible and despatched via the Irish An Post postal service. THE PRICE INCLUDES A TRACKED DELIVERY.