Listing Reserved for Daniel - Our Lady of Lourdes - Diami Crystal

Listing Reserved for Daniel - Our Lady of Lourdes - Diami Crystal

Code: RS121


Highly collectable and very rare freestanding little statue by Diami, a superb crystal figure of Our Lady of Lourdes - in clear crystal with a solid, very highly polished stepped black glass base.

The little figure alone stands at only 3-1/8" or 8cm high - the beautifully polished black glass stepped base elevates her to 4-3/4" or 12.5cm. The lovely figure of Our Lady stands erect looking ahead but slightly downward in contemplation and her hands are clasped in prayer. At her feet in the clear crystal are roses; one at her left foot and another by her right hand side. Her left foot is peeking out from beneath her long robe and she carries a rosary over her right arm that hangs down by her side. She is standing on a faceted base of the clear crystal which in turn sits on the super-shiny black glass base. A truly eye-catching and unusual piece in excellent antique condition, no chips and only very slight scratching to the base from normal wear. Would make a memorable gift.

The size details are: The base is 1.75"/4.5cm wide by 2.5"/6.5cm deep and the overall height of the piece is 4.75"/12.5cm; the figure including the base weighs 295 grammes without any packaging. This item will be dispatched via UPS as agreed.