Antique Irish Taxidermy Display - A Gorgeous Irish Pair

Antique Irish Taxidermy Display - A Gorgeous Irish Pair

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H: 16" (40.6 cm)W: 20" (50.8 cm)D: 30" (76.2 cm)

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Antique Irish Taxidermy Display - A Gorgeous Irish Pair of Ring Necked Pheasants with Eggs in Nest  - Stunning - TX1/64


This gorgeous pair hails from a Taxidermy collection within an old Irish Country House, where we managed to purchase the whole collection - including some great examples from the 1920's and 1930's. We collected almost two dozen examples of pheasants alone with a few being sold to collectors we already have on our books, before we managed to list them. (Some fantastically rare examples to come on the site include the Himalayan Pheasants that are currently being cleaned as they had been stored in broken glass cases for tens of years so were grey rather than their wonderful normal colouring). 

The Antique Male Pleasant here has a rather inquisitive gaze and some gorgeous colouring - the female looking a little thoughtful beside her clutch of eggs. The pair has been remounted as the old wooden mount was just a very heavy plank, so they have been transferred on to a lovely piece of driftwood with the nest containing four painted plaster eggs nestling underneath .
This is a very nicely displayed example, dating from 1920, that was native to Ireland all of its life.

Dimensions are 40cm / 16" at Highest, 51cm / 20" wide and the male Pheasant is 79cm / 30"  beak to tail and the female is 56cm or 22"" beak to tail. All measurements include the stand.

Your item will be carefully packed using recycled wrappings where possible and despatched via the Irish An Post.    
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