French Taxidermied Buzzard - Buteo buteo - from 1930s

French Taxidermied Buzzard - Buteo buteo - from 1930s

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H: 50" (127 cm)W: 25" (63.5 cm)D: 15" (38.1 cm)


Please note that our taxidermy specimens are all old or antique unlike many advertised on Etsy; we do not support the trade in newly killed birds but we feel that items from 40 years  ago, or older, deserve to be given respect and loved for what they are.

The European Common Buzzard, what a beauty. Dwellers of woodland habitats, these wonderful creatures are thankfully making a remarkable comeback after being wrongly persecuted for years. The Buzzard diet is small mammals and rodents; their favourite morsel is the field vole. They breed around the edges of woodland but generally hunt over open spaces looking for mice, rabbits, worms and even carrion; farmers have wrongly thought they were a threat to their stocks which was never the case. Buzzards mate for life, and the male mating ritual ("showing off"!!) is a fantastic aerobatic display that is referred to as "The Roller Coaster".

This lovely specimen from France, dating from the early 1930s, has been mounted as a museum piece to show off the size and plumage, and indeed it does this very well. We can only find one defect - a very small hole where the wonderful sharp beak meets the head. It can be left as is, showing its age or we will happily fill and blend should you wish us to, prior to dispatch.

Dimensions are hight 20” / 500mm, base 6” x 10” / 150mm x 250mm and it weighs 1.2kgs or 2.6lbs.