Taxidermy Golden Pheasant or Male Chinese Pheasant

Taxidermy Golden Pheasant or Male Chinese Pheasant

Code: TX1/39


H: 35" (88.9 cm)W: 75" (190.5 cm)D: 17" (43.2 cm)




An extremely colourful specimen of this breed of pheasant, this male Antique Irish Taxidermied Golden Pheasant (or Chinese Golden Pheasant) ticks all the boxes. He is handsome; he is in good condition; he is almost 100 years old ..... yet he has been modelled expertly back in 1920s Ireland by a Master Taxidermist, most probably based in Dublin who has been able to bring out the strutting character of the bird and show him at his best.  This beautiful bird is part of an Irish country house collection we recently purchased.

At this stately time in his life he is looking for a home to go to where he will be appreciated - a superb focal point or a great interior design item when remodelling or upgrading a classic home style. This example was captive bred and would have wondered around the estate, the flight feathers of his right wing have been clipped, this is done to stop then flying over the estate walls and mixing with the locals. This in no way detracts from this wonderful bird.

Dimensions are 750mm / 30" long, 350mm / 14" high and around 170mm / 7" deep. Without packaging, the weight is 650 grammes.