Taxidermy Juvenile Moorhen - French Vintage -  Marsh Hen

Taxidermy Juvenile Moorhen - French Vintage - Marsh Hen

Code: TX1/33


H: 28" (71.1 cm)W: 24" (61 cm)D: 14" (35.6 cm)


We have seen a few birds of this type before, but never in this stage of its development; this is a juvenile Moorhen from France, that has not yet developed the colour of the adult bird. An oval sandy base has been formed to show off this beautiful water bird with its stunning red eyes. It has been exceptionally modelled by a skilful taxidermist to achieve an outstanding Interior Design Piece. This is a wonderful specimen of the young water bird. There are signs of age as would be expected for a bird from the Nineteen-Thirties, with some slight wear to one side of the very slim and delicate neck.

This is a typical piece of French decorative design from a time when Taxidermy was very much in vogue and was an indication of the owner's wealth, intelligence and culture. In France, this bird is know as a "poule d'eau" - a water hen.

Dimensions are 280mm / 11" long tail to beak and including the base, 240mm / 9.5" high and around 130mm / 6" wide. Without packaging, the bird with stand weighs 350 grammes.