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Male Roe Deer head - antlers just entering the velvet stage. French

€195.00 Approx $211.04, £172.72

Code: TX1/57

Male Roe Deer head - antlers just entering the velvet stage - French 1930s Taxidermy: Deer Head - Taxidermy from France - TX1/57


Just starting growing new Antlers, this head of very handsome young male Roe Deer is mounted on a solid oak shield-shaped plaque.

This shows the interesting stage of development in the yearly cycle: here we are at the point of almost shedding the velvet of the new antlers, needed for the rutting season to come. The antlers emerge covered in what is described as "velvet", which gets rubbed off naturally when the antlers are fully grown.

THIS IS A HUNTING TROPHY GAINED BY A MEMBER OF LE CHASSE ON THE 21ST OF NOVEMBER 1939 near Tours, France. He is in very good condition for his age.

Dimensions are from bottom of the plaque to top of antlers 14.5" / 370mm, 8.75" / 220mm wide and comes around 12" / 305mm from the wall. Weight is around 1.5kg.

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