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Six Shot Glasses or Liqueur Glasses - ANTIQUE French 1900s Glasses

€85.00 Approx $91.99, £75.29

Code: G1/19

Set of Six Shot Glasses or Liqueur Glasses - ANTIQUE French 1900s Glasses - Shot Glasses with Stems - G1/19


We now have two sets of six antique shot glasses or antique liqueur or toasting glasses - these are all in the same style with short stems and a round base. The foot and stems are from pressed glass; the bowls are in a delightful shape reminiscent of a fancy fluted ice-cream sundae glass - but much tinier. Each glass holds just one tablespoon of liquid and they are ideal for wine, port, sherry or liqueurs - or a special way to serve the more modern 'shot' of  alcohol. These little glasses would be perfect for aperitifs with friends. All in good, used antique condition, no cracks or chips.

The glasses are each 3" or under 8cm tall with a rim diameter of 1.5" or 73.5cm wide. They are of heavy, aged glass weighing 0ver 50 grammes each without any packaging and although all of the same design, each varies slightly, being hand made and antique. The PRICE WILL BE ADJUSTED DEPENDING ON THE QUANTITY OF GLASSES IN ANY ORDER  of six or twelve.

                         **************THE PRICE IS FOR ONE SET OF SIX AND INCLUDES TRACKED INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY - (except for Australasia and South America)